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Sunglass lenses matching your complexion

Lenses can work for you or against you.  Have you ever noticed how sunglasses 😎 look great on your friend, but don’t pop💥 the same on you 🤷‍♀️? (or vice versa). It all comes down to your skin tones. 🤲🏽, eyes 👀 and how they reflects back from underneath the lenses.  

As a rule of thumb darker skin tones reflect nicely with light gradients and complementary colors.

Pale skin 🤲🏻 can be brought out with a darker color ⬛️ lens.  The gradient lens style will allow you to enhance the effect.  See here on our Instagram story and how a simple ⬜️ grey 💭 smoke gradient reflects back on 5 different skin colors. 

Nouvelle Chicane has experts on staff and computer 💻 tools developed by Pantone, to find your perfect lens color. We develop a special look that your friends will be complimenting on for months.  Lenses make a big impact and the price is less than you might expect. 

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