Guidelines for Promoting and Developing the Brand

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At Nouvelle Chicane we have come to appreciate what really works well when you collaborate with the right models and influencers.

When our model or influencer follows these guidelines you can really move forward..this is not a complete list, and we can add to it if you have anything that we missed..

1) be authentic.  Authenticity shines through...believe in the product... it’s okay if you don’t ...but you need to work with a different brand. 

2) be proud of your collaboration. Share your photos,  post, go to events, wear the brand out on the stories, talk it up.  The free merchandise you were comped should be out there and seen. Keep it up...everyone can achieve success by working together.

3) remember the photo shoot that you just did, will help pay for the next one....keep up the momentum. The sales brought by shoot A... will fuel shoot B. every behind the scenes photo post, repost, tag or shout out can help..

4) it’s a journey, remember you can always do something to make progress.  Even a small effort can go a long way.  The midnight post of that “behind the scenes video” tagged correctly could help the brand explode...🧨.  you could be the face of that next step...and essential

5) be professional, collaboration and creative differences will happen, but remember the brand owner is driving the vision. Talk it out, together you could really come up with something. If the exposure gets you where you want even better. As they say...follow the money.

6) be loyal... if you are doing a paid shoot for  Nouvelle Chicane this week, don’t wear another brand like Ray Ban (unpaid) and tag that brand the next week.  This can backfire.  It confuses your followers, and future clients will recognize that you jump around. Consistency wins. We are all in the brand game. 

7) be reliable and be available.   Answer your texts , DMs, your phone.  If you don’t you will lose your gig. Timing is crucial.  Show up on time, no baggage,  hustle, be professional.  

8) we all make mistakes, and we can all get better everyday.. and of course..everyone loves a comeback story....

thanks and good luck.. contact us with any interest you may have in helping promote our brand Nouvelle Chicane..

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