Nouvelle Chicane Boutique Eyewear


Nouvelle Chicane is a concept eyewear brand.  All frames are designed and made by an independent designer.  The very nature of our approach makes minimal impact on our environment. We make our frames one at a time, close to our customers. No excess, no waste.   

“Nouvelle Chicane” in French means "new turn" and named after the historic Monaco Formula 1 corner.  Nouvelle Chicane is the "new turn" in eyewear for you, and you will never look back.

Exquisite designs that respect fashion, our customers, our workforce and the environment.

Form, beauty and performance are all one.

When it comes to fashion and design influences, we look to Europe.  Our favorite tool is the Bezier Curve.  In early 1960s, this curve transformed automobile designs forever at Renault and Citroen.  Generous arcs and smooth transformations developed a beauty and strength not seen anywhere. Fashion and car designers took risks like never before or since. 

We integrate our hinges into the temples and frames, not just to reduce part count, but improve the flow. This also improves strength and reliability.  Stainless steel ground pins and set screws secure the fit, arrest corrosion and adds to overall cool and imposing strength of the structure.

Manufacturing:  Additive manufacturing offers design flexibility, speed and minimum waste. We make unique product in several weeks.  Our competitors make frames a 1000 at a time, in 4-6 month.

We make our frames close to our customers. For Europe, we manufacture in Europe, for the US, the same. This reduces transportation costs, tax burden and pollution.  Further, this employs the local skilled workforce.

Our agents actively link with the shops and return feedback straight to our designers.

The form and styling found on these frames is derived from years of formula 1 design and engineering experience. The lines, the curves, the color and the fresh approach are found in every "new turn" of your frame. 

Be apart of something new and special, wear Nouvelle Chicane.  We are proud to have our brand supported at the following locations:

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